Can a Post Office Notarize?

There are many instances where a person or a business may require the services of a notary public. Having your paper or document notarized is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. The person who notarized a paper or other document must be licensed by the state and go through a prescribed process to make the process official. Keep reading to find out more about notarization and whether you can have this service performed at the post office.

Notary Public Sign

What Is Notarization?

Notarization is the process of having your paper signed, sealed, and witnessed by a licensed notary public. The person who is witnessing the documents must enter the transaction into an official log complete with the names and information of the people who are signing the document needing notarization.

Once the notary ensures that the document has been signed properly and dated, they will then emboss an official seal onto the paperwork and sign their name.


Does Notarization Cost Money?

In most cases, a company or business will provide notarization services for a fee. If you know someone who performs this service, they may choose to do it for you free of charge. It is important that the person who performs the notarization is up to date and licensed currently to avoid there being issues later concerning document authenticity. Most places that provide notarization will charge approximately $10 to $15 to perform this service.


Does the Post Office Notarize?

It may cross your mind to have your nearest post office notarize your documents. The post office can’t notarize, however, because it is a federal agency and notarization is a state service. There may be some post offices that have a private business in the same building which performs a notarization service, but the actual post office will not provide a notary public as a part of their service to customers.

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Where Can People get Documents Notarized?

There are many places that offer notarization services around a city or town. In fact, most banks will offer a notarization service to their customers for a small fee. There are some documents that a bank will refuse to notarize. In this case, you must go to a place such as the UPS store and have their notary public performs the service. The best way to find a notary public in your area is to do a quick internet search and call the business to see if they perform the type of notarization service you require.


What Type of Documentation is Required for Notarization?

In most cases, the person performing the notarization will require your driver’s license or state-issued ID in order to perform the service. That is because you must prove who you are and have the information provided on your ID logged into the official book complete with your ID number. If you don’t have either of these items you can call to find out if there are any substitutions or how you can go about getting the documentation you need for notarization.

At some point, most people are going to require the services of a notary public. This can occur in situations such as student registration, large ticket purchases, and even rental agreements. Know where your local notary public is located and which types of notarization services they can perform because not every business or notary public will witness every document. You may have to find a place that will do this for a wide range of needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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