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When you ship an item through a carrier like FedEx, UPS, or DHL, you probably think that they make the delivery to your doorstep. Sometimes that is the case, while other times, it is not. These carriers also work closely with USPS and even third-party delivery partners to make the final delivery of some packages. If you enter your tracking number, you might see some confusing tracking statuses. You are likely wondering what Tendered To Delivery Service Provider means if you see that message. It is fairly common, and it is nothing to worry about. In fact, it means that your package is likely very close to delivery. So, keep reading as we give you all the details about this status message.


What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean?

“Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” typically means that your carrier has handed off the package to the U.S. Postal Service for the last-mile delivery. In some cases, the package might have been handed off to a third-party delivery partner. This usually happens because the major shipping carriers are not as equipped as the post office to make home deliveries throughout the country. The postal service has nearly a quarter-million delivery vehicles covering almost every residential address in America at least six days per week. Here are more details about what the message means for each major shipping carrier.



DHL is somewhat unique when compared to the other carriers on this list. DHL tends to handle more international shipments and deliveries, and their operations in the United States are not as large as those of FedEx or UPS. DHL has a significant presence in the United Kingdom and Europe. However, DHL still makes many deliveries in America. They frequently utilize a last-mile partner like USPS or even FedEx. DHL eCommerce solutions allow online businesses to ship orders from suppliers in foreign countries to customers in the United States. When this happens, DHL will typically deliver the items from the foreign country to the United States, get them through customs, transport them to the customer’s local area, and then hand off the item to a delivery partner. USPS and FedEx are DHL’s most common partners. When you see the “Tendered to Delivery Service Partner” status message on the DHL tracking page, it means that DHL has handed over your package to a DHL partner, and you should likely see it within a day or two. Typically, DHL does not deliver on Saturday in the United States, but USPS will deliver your package on the weekend.


— FedEx

FedEx Ground and FedEx Express generally deliver all their own packages, including the last-mile delivery to your home. You will rarely see any partner providers utilized for these services. However, FedEx offers an economy service that does utilize the United States Postal Service as a shipping partner. FedEx SmartPost is the service that does this. You might also hear it called FedEx Ground Economy. When using this service, FedEx will deliver the package to your local post office (local delivery unit) where it is handed over to USPS for the final delivery. When the handoff occurs, you will see the “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” tracking update. USPS typically makes the delivery the next day, although it might take a couple of days during busy times.



Similar to FedEx, UPS usually makes all their own deliveries. UPS has a fairly extensive network and infrastructure system that allows them to cover most of the USA. However, there are times when it makes financial sense for them to utilize a partner for the final-mile delivery. The delivery company that they use most often is USPS. If you send a package using the UPS SurePost service, then you can be certain that USPS will be delivering the package to your home. Similar to FedEx SmartPost, UPS will carry the item all the way to your local post office. That is where the item will be handed off to USPS for final delivery to your PO box or home address. You might also see the “Arrived at Facility Partner” status message. This means that your package has been handed off to USPS for local delivery, and your delivery date should be imminent.



When you use USPS for shipping, it is unlikely that you will ever see the “Tendered to Delivery Service Provider” status message. USPS delivers all their own packages, although they might use independent contractor carriers from time to time during busy seasons. Since USPS makes most Amazon deliveries, you might see this status message on your Amazon tracking page. However, it likely just means that USPS is in possession of your package and will be delivering it soon. It is unlikely that USPS will hand your package off to another carrier for the final delivery.


What Does Tendered To Final Delivery Agent Mean?

The “Tendered to Final Delivery Agent” or “Delivered to Agent for Final Delivery” message can mean a couple of different things. You typically see this status message with USPS or Amazon shipping. More than likely, this means that your package has been handed to someone at your address who is authorized to receive packages for you. USPS may have handed your package to a family member at your house or a co-worker at your office. Perhaps they left it with the front desk receptionist at your business. Almost anyone can act as your agent to receive packages at your address, and USPS usually does not verify their identity unless the package has strict delivery rules.

This status message could also mean that your item has been handed over to another postal worker for final delivery. Amazon often uses USPS for the final delivery of their packages, and it might just mean that your mail carrier is in possession of your package. You typically will not see any additional tracking updates once you see this message. It means that USPS has given your package to someone who will be responsible for making the final delivery to you.


What Does Out For Delivery Mean?

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The “Out for Delivery” status is the one that you want to see! This status means that your package is loaded onto the delivery truck and is headed for your location. The shipping company has taken the item from their local sorting facility and routed it to your location. The final delivery should occur soon – usually the same day! Typically, the “Out for Delivery” process is a single step. The package was probably placed onto the truck in the morning and scanned into the current status. During the day, the carrier will be making the rounds in your local neighborhoods delivering packages. The specific time that you see your package will depend on how many other packages need to be delivered that day as well.

You may see this status from any of the major carriers. As we already discussed, if UPS, DHL, or FedEx are using a partner company for the final delivery, your package will likely be delivered via USPS. The postal service typically makes the final delivery on all of its own packages. This includes both first-class mail package service, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express.


How Long The “Tendered For Delivery” Status Lasts

So, how long can you expect to see the “Tendered for Delivery” status before your package arrives? The length of time you see this message can vary according to a few factors. However, in most cases, you should have your package within a couple of days from the time you see this message pop up. The majority of the time, your package will arrive within two working days once you see this status message. This is especially true when your carrier is using a reliable subcontractor like USPS.

If you see this status message for more than a few days, then it might be time to contact the shipper. We will discuss in more detail how to handle a missing package later in this article. However, you should know that it should not take more than a few days for your package to arrive once it has been tendered to the final delivery carrier. Whether they pick up the package from the original carrier or the original carrier drops it off at USPS, the last-mile delivery should be completed within 1 to 3 days.


Tracking Your Package With The Postal Service

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Many people wonder how they can track their package once it has been handed over to USPS. After all, you likely have a UPS or FedEx tracking number since the package was probably shipped with one of those carriers. Luckily, tracking your package with the postal service is easy! In most cases, you can use the same tracking number that you already have. You can input your tracking number on the FedEx tracking page or the UPS tracking page. The tracking systems from these carriers are typically integrated with the postal service tracking system. Therefore, when the post office scans your package, the tracking system from the original carrier will get updated.

In some cases, you might be assigned a new USPS tracking number when the package is handed over from your carrier to the postal service. This does not happen very often, but it is something to be aware of. In that case, you will not see any additional updates on your original tracking number once the package is passed to USPS. You will then need to use the new USPS tracking number to check for updates through the USPS tracking system.


What To Do If Your Package Doesn’t Arrive

Maybe now you are wondering what to do if your package doesn’t arrive at all. As we mentioned already, you should see your package within a couple of days once you see the “Tendered for Delivery” status message. First, make sure that you give USPS a couple of days to get your package delivered. If a week or more has passed since this status message, it is time to take action. You should contact the original shipper or carrier as a starting point. They should be able to help you track down the package.

If the original carrier is no help, then go ahead and contact USPS. USPS should already have your package if you have seen the “Tendered to Delivery” status message. Contact USPS customer service to determine whether they can help with locating your package. If not, head down to your local post office. It is possible that your package got placed to the side and forgotten about. If it did, the postal workers might find your package and give it to you the same day. The workers at your local office should be able to help locate the package.


The Bottom Line

So, what does Tendered for Delivery mean? Tendered to Delivery Service Provider means that your package has been transferred to the shipping company who will make the final delivery of your package. Most of the time, this means that the package has been handed off to USPS. The postal service works with UPS, FedEx, and DHL to make the last mile delivery of many of their packages. Once you see this message, you can typically expect your package to arrive within 1 to 3 days. For lost or missing packages, you can attempt to contact your original carrier or USPS.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take for DHL to deliver to USPS?

The length of time it takes for your package to get from DHL to USPS depends on how far it must travel. If you have an international item coming from another country, it could take a few weeks to get the item delivered to USPS. There can be problems getting through customs and other issues that could delay the package. However, for domestic shipments, packages are typically delivered to your local USPS post office within a week. Once handed over to USPS, you should expect your delivery to occur within a couple of days.


What does USPS do with packages that are tendered to them?

USPS delivers these packages to their final destination. USPS partners with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carriers to make the final delivery of many of their packages. This is because the postal service has a large infrastructure that covers every residential address in America. USPS processes these packages at the post office and delivers them to the delivery address on the shipping label.


What is the most efficient way to send a package to another country?

The answer depends on many factors, like the size of the package, the contents of the package, and the destination country. DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS all offer international shipping options. It is often best to compare services and rates between these carriers to find the best fit for your needs.


What is the difference between USPS and DHL?

One of the biggest differences between USPS and DHL is the fact that USPS has a much larger infrastructure in the United States. USPS delivers regular mail to all residential addresses, while DHL is focused more on shipping packages. DHL has a larger presence in Europe than the United States, and they do not have the infrastructure to efficiently deliver packages to all the homes in America. This is why DHL often partners with USPS to make the final delivery of many of their packages.

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