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If you have a package on the way, you certainly want it to arrive as soon as possible. In some cases, you might be waiting for the shipment to arrive on a Saturday. If your package is traveling on DHL, then you are probably wondering whether DHL delivers on Saturday. The answer probably depends on your location. We will walk you through all the details that you need to know about Saturday delivery with DHL, so just keep reading to learn whether you might receive your package or whether you will be waiting until after the weekend to get it.


Does DHL Deliver On Saturday?

Whether or not your DHL shipment arrives on Saturday will depend primarily on your location. In some countries, DHL makes Saturday deliveries, while Saturday is not a delivery option in other countries. We will discuss the details below.


— Deliveries In The U.S.

If you are in the United States, then DHL does not deliver on Saturday. This is likely not what you want to hear if you are waiting for your package to arrive, but DHL standard delivery services in the U.S. do not include delivery on Saturday. Similarly, Sunday delivery is also not an option in the U.S. If you need a package delivered on the weekend, then your best option is to choose a different carrier. If DHL is your only option, then you might be able to get the package delivered on Saturday for an additional charge. You should speak to a DHL rep about the options available to you, but know that it will come with a premium price tag if available at all. Sunday delivery, however, is pretty much out of the question.


— Deliveries In Europe

DHL services in Europe are a little different from those in the USA. Remember that DHL, also known as Deutsche Post, is based in Germany. DHL Saturday delivery is available on most all shipments in Europe. Saturday is considered a working day for DHL in most European countries, so deliveries will be made on that day. In most cases, you will have to pay an extra fee of €40 for this service, but you can rest assured that your DHL package will arrive on Saturday.

So, will DHL deliver on Sunday in Europe? The answer to that is sometimes. Sunday delivery is not included in standard service, but you can request Sunday delivery as a premium service for packages being delivered in Europe. However, weekend delivery is not available for pallets or for the Wadden Sea Islands.


DHL Shipping Options

Now that you know about weekend delivery options, we will discuss what shipping options are available to you through DHL. Depending on the size and weight of your package along with how quickly you need it delivered, you might choose a different method. Here are the options that are available.


— DHL Express

This is the option that you will choose when you need something delivered quickly. DHL Express shipments allow you to send a package almost anywhere in the world and have it delivered the next working day. In some cases, you might even be able to get same-day delivery with this service. The delivery times for Express differ based on the class of service you pay for. They could range anywhere from 9:00 AM to the end of the day.


— DHL Freight

DHL Freight is for people making large shipments of cargo. The freight could be classified as ocean, air, rail, or road freight. It includes pallets and items up to 1,000kg in weight, and it is an excellent option for international shipping of oversized items. You can also use this service to schedule pick up, and freight customers have a dedicated customer service team.


— DHL Parcel

This is the most common service offered by DHL, and it is equivalent to standard ground service with other carriers. In most cases, you can expect your package to be delivered in 3 to 5 business days with this service within the United States. If your package delivery takes place in other parts of the world, then that time may be different.


— DHL Global Forwarding

The average individual would never use this service. This is for companies who need freight forwarding to different parts of the world. This would be for big businesses who ship a high volume of goods and maybe even need warehousing services. This division of DHL also plans and undertakes major logistics projects. This is a very specialized type of service that would only be used for a few companies.


— DHL eCommerce Solutions

This is a service that is utilized by many Amazon sellers and other eCommerce retailers. DHL has a team of eCommerce experts who can help businesses provide the best shipping solutions to their customers. This includes package pickup, tracking, delivery, and returns. This service is available in many countries, including the Americas, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East/Africa. DHL Parcel offers similar services across Europe.


— DHL Supply Chain

This is another division of DHL that most people have no need to interact with. This is for businesses that need supply chain management or third-party logistics services. This can be a complicated and complex service offering, so there is no need to discuss additional details of the service here.


DHL Delivery Hours

DHL delivery hours vary slightly based on the country in which the package is being delivered. For the United States, standard delivery hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Monday through Friday. For urgent shipments, Saturday pickup or delivery is available for an additional fee. In Europe, delivery times are typically Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Remember though that Saturday delivery will require an extra charge.

In the Gulf countries, the weekends fall on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, deliveries are not made on Fridays there—however, DHL partners with the local post offices to make deliveries on Saturday. Sunday is considered a working day, so deliveries are made like normal. Deliveries are made in Asia on almost any day, including public holidays, when necessary. Express deliveries there are common, so DHL has the staff necessary to accommodate those requests. Shipping services in Asia and some other countries even include same-day service in some cases.


DHL Shipping Costs

So, how much does it cost to ship your package with DHL? It depends on the delivery address and how quickly it needs to get there. Let’s discuss some of the most common services along with their cost.

DHL Parcel is usually one of the cheapest DHL options. While you will find that DHL is usually a little more expensive than UPS, the prices are on par with FedEx. Domestic shipments using DHL Parcel start at around $20. If your package is larger or heavier, then you can expect the price to increase as well.

DHL Express and DHL Worldwide are much higher. Sending a package to another country using DHL Worldwide starts at around $100. However, some urgent shipments may require this level of service. The shipping rates for larger items or weekend services will be even more than $100, but you can rest easy knowing that your package will be delivered the next day.


Saturday Delivery Options With Other Carriers

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Will DHL deliver on weekends,” you might be wondering about the other carriers out there. Perhaps you need a delivery option that DHL does not offer, so here is what you need to know about the others in the market. Between these carriers, you are bound to find an option that will fit your needs.



The United States Postal Service includes Saturday delivery with all mail and packages. This includes regular first class mail service as well as Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. In addition to standard weekdays, Saturday is a regular working day for the post office as well, so your packages will be delivered. Sunday delivery is not something that the post office regularly does. However, during times of high volume, they might decide to deliver packages on Sundays to help reduce the backlog of items. In addition, they partner with Amazon to make some Prime deliveries on Sunday as well.



So, does UPS deliver on Saturday and Sunday? UPS only includes Saturday delivery with their standard ground service to about 100 metros across the U.S. However, you can have your package delivered on Saturday with many of their premium services like Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Select service. You will pay an extra charge for these premium services, but UPS will get your package delivered on Saturday when necessary. UPS almost never runs on Sunday. If you need delivery on Sunday, then you can use their Express Critical Care package service. This will get your package to its destination on a Sunday, but you should know that it is quite expensive.


— FedEx

FedEx typically has the most weekend delivery options available of any of the major carriers. Saturday delivery with FedEx is included at no additional charge for ground packages. They will deliver on Saturday to about 95% of U.S. residential addresses. In addition, they even provide Sunday delivery to some areas with no weekend delivery surcharge. If you decide to use one of their premium services, then you can get a guaranteed delivery time. For instance, their Express Overnight service will be delivered by 10:00 AM the next day. When you purchase certain premium services, the delivery is guaranteed. This means that if your package is late, FedEx will refund at least a portion of your shipping charges.


The Bottom Line

If you are expecting a package via DHL in the United States, then you will not be receiving it on Saturday unless the shipper has paid for expedited service. DHL does not make regular deliveries in the U.S. on weekends. However, in Europe, Saturday delivery is an option for most packages that are sent through DHL. If you need a package delivered more quickly, then there are options available. DHL offers many premium courier services that will include delivery on the weekend. In fact, DHL same-day delivery is an option that you might consider for extremely critical deliveries. When you need a package delivered on the weekend without paying a huge shipping charge, then you might consider using another carrier that provides weekend delivery as a standard service. Both USPS and FedEx offer Saturday delivery, and UPS will also provide delivery on a Saturday for an additional fee.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the delivery days for DHL?

It depends on your location. In the United States, the standard delivery days are Monday through Friday. In most of Europe, DHL delivers on Monday through Saturday. In some Gulf countries, the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday. Therefore, the DHL delivery days are Sunday through Thursday. However, they partner with the local post offices there to make deliveries on Saturdays.


What are the hours of operation for DHL?

Again, this depends on your country. In America, DHL operates on a pretty standard 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM delivery schedule. In other countries, they follow a similar schedule in most cases. You might find that some countries operate on a schedule of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time. Saturday delivery hours often stop at noon local time as well. DHL does not usually operate as long on Saturdays as they do on weekdays.


Does DHL offer package tracking?

Yes! DHL will provide you with a tracking number to track your package as it travels to its destination. You can easily track your package on the DHL website to determine an estimated delivery date as well as the current status of your package. You should see updates as it moves through the DHL infrastructure and ultimately makes its way to your location. If you see the dreaded “DHL shipment on hold” message, then you can expect that your package will probably be late arriving.

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