USPS Tracking Not Updating // Where’s Your Package?

Tracking numbers are a fantastic way to keep track of packages and see their progression as they leave your local post office on the way to their recipient. These numbers off a play by play look at the progress of your package and can help you to keep an eye on your package so that you know when it arrives and any issues it may have run into. So what do you do when your tracking number is not working? Here is all you need to know about when your USPS tracking number is not working.


How to Know When a Tracking Number Isn’t Working

The first step is to figure out if your number is in fact not working. In most cases, the post office attendant will give you either a receipt or ticket stub that has your tracking number printed on it. You can enter this number on our How to Track a Package page and find out where your package is and what progress it has made. The number must be entered correctly or it will not work, even one number is enough to throw off the tracking and cause an invalid response. So how do you know your number is not working? Give the number 24 hours from the time that you sent the package so that it can be entered into the system, you then want to make sure you are entering it correctly on the site, you can also call your local post office and they can track your number for you.


Is Your Tracking Number Invalid?

There are some reasons that your number may not be working other than the fact that it might be invalid. It is important to take the time to check the number and make sure it is entered exactly so that you can get the best result. In most cases, the number has not had time to become active which means that it is not invalid, simply not active yet. If you suspect that your number is invalid, you should contact the post office from which the number originated.


Why a Tracking Number May Not Be Working

There are a few different reasons your number may not be working, the first is that it is not yet active. Give the number 24 hours before you start to panic that it may be invalid. Another reason may be a typo or clerical error on the part of your local post office. Most tracking numbers are automated however so this is not terribly common. Another reason that your number may be invalid is that your package was lost or that it was found to be undeliverable. In this case you should contact the post office immediately to find out the issue. Another issue that you may be running into is a misprint of your number, in this case you may not even have the right tracking number and you should check with your local post office.


What to Do When a Tracking Number Isn’t Working

The first thing to do when a tracking number is not working is to make sure it was entered correctly. You then want to make sure it has had enough time to become active, this is generally 24 hours from the time the number was generated and assigned to your package. You also want to make sure you are assigning the number to the correct carrier. After you have done these things, if you are still having issues you should take the time to talk with the post office that issued the tracking number to see if they can track down your package.

Odds are they are going to be able to spot the issue and find your package. If they cannot, however, and you have insurance on your package, you can file a claim after a certain period of time to get the insurance value of your package.

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